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02 January 2007

ENES is dead, long live ENES !

The idea has begun to grow up and finally it came to life : ENES' story has to end.

Since April 2006, we did not share any new information on our website. It is a long gap of time but in fact, we even did not see it passing. Our busy life is in fault.

On another hand, several technical problems disappointed us : we never succeeded in dumping efficiently a game. 10 times we dumped a game, 10 different dumps we had. It's sadly not enough to convince ourselves.

ENES was however an interesting journey for us. It gave us a chance to discover the electronic side of games, to enlighten some people who were enchanted to share their own rare cartridges.

By the way, we finally leave the scene by thanking all our partners and participants. Thanks, really.

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