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Look into our dumped games database a full or partial name to know if you own a video game which can probably interest us. Any kind of help is thankful because games are spread over the world : you may own a very rare game without knowing it !

Games list

We tend to build a list of missing games or games needing a redump. The following list is at least not complete at all.
Thanks to take the time to read it carfully, to know if you might own one of these games or "just" to affine the list.

Title (Area) Dump status Dump date
Addams Family, The (E)Dumped26 November 2005
Chip 'n Dale (E)Dumped13 November 2005
Darkwing Duck (G)Undumped-
Duck Tales 2 (F)Game in our hands-
Duck Tales 2 (G)Undumped-
F-15 Strike Eagle (F)Game in our hands-
F-15 Strike Eagle (I)Undumped-
F-15 Strike Eagle (SW)Undumped-
Family Trainer - Fuuun! Takeshi Shiro 2 (J)Undumped-
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (PAL) (Eng-Fre-ger) (Unl)Game in our hands-
Ghostbusters 2 (E)Dumped14 November 2005
High Speed (E)Game in our hands-
Maniac Mansion (F)Dumped17 November 2005
Maniac Mansion (G)Dumped03 December 2005
Maniac Mansion (I)Dumped but needs confirmation24 December 2005
Millionaire (Unl)Aborted-
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The (G)Undumped-
Mission Impossible (F)Dumped but needs confirmation18 December 2005
Monopoly (F)Dumped26 November 2005
Monopoly (G)Undumped-
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (E)Undumped-
Operation Wolf (E)Dumped16 November 2005
Pirates! (G)Undumped-
Pizza PanicAborted-
Prince of Persia (G)Undumped-
Prince of Persia (S)Undumped-
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (F)Undumped-
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (S)Undumped-
Shadowgate (G)Game in our hands-
Star Trek (G)Undumped-
Super Adventure Quests (E) (Unl)Game in our hands-
Swords and Serpents (F)Dumped02 October 2004
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2: The Arcade Game (E)Aborted-

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