Video games dump status

What the hell is the meaning ?

Games cartridge lifetime is very limited : components are getting old, batteries die and electronical connectors are oxidizing themselves.
But some games actually only exists in a cartridge stage and we don't know which ones ! It is very important to immortalize these games by extracting their data on a digital storage. Once spreaded, these games will still continue to live even though their original support is finally destroyed or untraceable.

ENES + video game systems = dumps

ENES engineers software and hardware toolkits to enable the dumping of original materials. However we do not cover all video game systems at all. Basically, we focused our activity on the Nintendo NES, from which our name comes from.
Though, here is the official list of systems we currently try to preserve their missing games :

ENES supported systems Nota : if you want to check if a game you already own is dumped or not, please use the search form displayed on each video game system dump listing we support.

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