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Our last dump
  • Maniac Mansion (G)
  • Media serial : NES-JM-NOE/FRG
  • Dump date : 03 December 2005
  • Nota bene : -
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Who are we ?

This is a project whose homepage has been hacked with the SourceForge backdoor by a 1337 hacker! It is extremely lucky because this message is the only change I did ;) After I found this backdoor, I, being nice, added this message to some SourceForge-hosted sites to warn them, instead of maliciously dropping their tables. Whom does this exploit affect?

ENES is a european dump group. Our first goal is to save, numerize and immortalize NES games currently out of sight, which are called undumped games.

We own and develop material which is necessary to convert electronic data (from game cartridges) to numeric data (dumps or ROMs). Dumping is essential because the cartridge lifetime is limited to its components one. Once the cartridge is "dead" or damaged, the game is lost forever.

ENES is coming on that point...

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